imageKyocera Solar recently enabled Bobby Ivey to fulfill a childhood dream: “Having a solar photovoltaic system has always been a dream of mine,” he stated. “When I was a kid, my parents bought me a book that explained how solar power works, and I always thought it was amazing that you could actually make electrical power from the sun’s rays. Now I’m living proof!”

In July 2013, Bobby commissioned American Solar to install eight high-efficiency Kyocera Solar KD245 modules on the rooftop of his Phoenix home. The system, which includes an SMA Inverter and ProSolar mounting system with structural attachments, is rated at 1.96kW and will produce approximately 3,100kWH of clean, renewable energy per year.

“I’m highly satisfied with the performance of the Kyocera solar modules and the great work that American Solar did on the installation. The roof looks nice, the installation was fast, and the whole system works very well,” Bobby explained. “The inverter has an informative display, which shows exactly how much power the system produces during the day and I can also see the total power produced since installation. At the six month mark in January, the system’s half-year total production was 1,550kWh.”

“The entire system performs reliably and produces a consistent amount of power every day without any noticeable dips in production unless clouds get in the way, which is unavoidable.”

“I’m producing about 10kWh a day, which is what American Solar estimated the system would produce before the panels were even up. They delivered exactly what was promised,” Bobby stated.

“The system produces at least enough solar power to offset what I use to charge my electric car – a Chevy Volt – so I’m pretty happy with that result. When I upgrade to new, high-efficiency appliances around the house, including a new air conditioner, solar power will go even further toward minimizing my electric bill.”

Besides satisfying a lifelong dream, Bobby is also happy with the environmental benefits his Kyocera solar installation provides. By using clean, renewable energy to power a Chevy Volt, he not only eliminated the need to go to the gas pump by purchasing an electric car, but he also eliminated the need to purchase electricity made from fossil fuels to charge it. “The fact that I am generating power from the sun instead of burning something or using a potentially dangerous type of fuel such as nuclear energy gives me a great feeling!”

The PV system qualified for both federal and state tax incentives, which made going solar an even more attractive option.

When asked if he would have done anything differently in retrospect, Bobby replied, “No. But in the future I’ll probably expand the system to maximize my power output. I installed eight Kyocera solar panels to start with, but I could probably fit 16 panels on the roof, eventually.”

Kyocera has proven system performance. Independent tests show Kyocera Solar has recorded the highest average output of any crystalline module. These tests, conducted at the Desert Knowledge Australia Solar Centre, put various systems on an even playing field, enabling accurate and unbiased comparisons of technology performance.

“I would definitely recommend Kyocera Solar to anyone who is interested in installing a solar photovoltaic system.”

Kyocera solar offers a 25-year standard warranty on its panels and a 10-year workmanship warranty. With a 38-year history of innovation in solar technology, the company is recognized as an industry pioneer and has set repeated world records in multicrystalline silicon cell efficiency.

“I think that solar energy production is good for our country. It not only helps keep our air clean, but I believe that it’s a lot safer than nuclear power,” Bobby stated. “Solar is just a better idea for power production all the way around! After all, you’ve never heard of a solar meltdown, have you?”