SUNRNR of Virginia, Inc Uses Only Kyocera Panels and Other High-Quality Components for their Patented Portable Solar Generators

Sun RunnerSUNRNR "Sun Runner" of Virginia manufactures and sells clean, silent, portable renewable energy generator power systems which store solar, wind, or water turbine energy in a rechargeable battery for off grid electricity or emergency backup power.  SUNRNRs are a terrific alternative to fossil-fuel burning, dirty, noisy, maintenance-required gas generators.  The system is rugged, high-quality, portable, expandable, and plug and play.  No noise or emissions are produced and no gasoline is required. 

The excellent reputation of SUNRNR stems from quality components, proprietary design, ease of use, superior customer service, dependability, and product capability. SUNRNR’s Sales Manager often tells customers, “Yes, we have a great system that stores over 2000W and is able to output 3500W continuous whenever required, but the true power is in the panels.”  The system is only as good as its power generation – SUNRNR chose Kyocera six years ago as their sole solar panel supplier and is confident in having made the correct choice.

Not only did Kyocera’s panels meet the criteria required in quality, efficiency, reputation, warranty, and price, they also offered the perfect panels to match the function and intent of SUNRNR systems – 12VDC, accessible junction box, rugged, reinforced, and appropriately sized, both in dimensions and watts.  “Since we cannot second-guess our diverse range of customers’ applications, we needed panels that were stand-alone, able to be wired in parallel to maintain 12V, and could be thrown in the back of a pickup truck, placed in a field tilted simply by stepstool, or mounted beautifully on a structure,” he explains.  The Kyocera KC and KD series fit the bill.  Four years ago, these panels were only available as 130W, but now we sell our units with two KD140SX-UFBS, perfect panels for charging a SUNRNR’s battery at the ideal, balanced-system rate.

The system incorporates energy generation by renewable energy source with a main SUNRNR unit for DC storage and AC (or DC) output.  The included, pre-hinged Kyocera 140W solar panels with 30' cable are the most commonly used generation source, but the unit may also be recharged by small wind or water turbine, the grid, a gas generator, or even a bicycle.  It is the inverter, or lack thereof, that defines the model – SUN110 (110-120VAC/60Hz), SUN220 (220-240VAC/50Hz), SUN240 (220-240VAC/60Hz), or SUNPWR (for additional storage and generation, no inverter). 

Jenny French, a Principal, notes, “Kyocera Solar is a terrific, reliable supplier with superior customer service.  Their sales department is knowledge, responsive, and goes out of their way to ensure we have the necessary inventory available.  They are committed to helping small businesses like SUNRNR succeed.”

Customer feedback is 100% positive.  It is difficult to choose which testimonials to share because each application is different.  Here is a favorite:

By the way …

Sun Runner 2The SUNRNR ran my fridge while the power was out, after the recent storms. Saved my bacon. (Alright, I admit, I didn’t have any bacon in the fridge … but it did save my ice cream and lots of other stuff). Ran a fan for a short time too, but I had to stop because I was low on juice. I had recharged the scooter the afternoon of the storm and that almost completely drains the SUNRNR. It was a challenge squeaking through until the power came back, but it worked. I certainly had everyone else beat. A fan and a fridge was a LOT during those few days.

 -Walter B, Roanoke, VA 8/12

Sun Runner 3Another picture highlights the portability of the unit and panel system and its usefulness in remote locations such as this hilltop wedding. 

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SUNRNR portable solar generator systems are an ideal, green replacement for fossil fuel generators whether used as emergency backup during power outages, for power at a construction site, or as primary power for off-grid or non-grid locations, both in the US and overseas.