ACC Approves 15% Renewable Energy Standard

Measure includes significant requirements for distributed resources


Phoenix, AZ – November 2, 2006 The Arizona Corporation Commission made a major commitment to diversifying Arizona’s energy mix on Tuesday with the passage of the Renewable Energy Standard and Tariff (REST) rules.  The REST requires Arizona’s regulated electric utilities to provide 15% of their retail sales in 2025 with renewable sources of generation.

The vote, 4-1 in favor of the rules package, sends a clear signal that Arizona policy makers want to put the brakes on the state’s ever-increasing appetite for fossil fuel resources, of which natural gas has begun to play an ever increasing role.  In addition to a long-term increase in overall renewable generation, the REST includes an important commitment to distributed renewable resources – such as rooftop photovoltaic, solar water heating and solar air conditioning systems.

The Arizona solar industry worked for several years with Commissioners, ACC staff, utilities and other stakeholders to assist in development of the REST.   “We thank the Commissioners and staff for their perseverance and commitment to advancing renewable energy in Arizona.  The state’s solar industries have an obligation to ensure that reliable, efficient and cost-effective solar projects are developed and deployed in response to this standard.” said Sean Seitz, President of AriSEIA.

In addition to providing clean electricity to Arizonans, the program will also help create jobs, attract new businesses, and keep more energy dollars in-state. “We applaud the ACC for their tireless work towards making Arizona a world leader in solar and renewable energy,” stated Tom Dyer, long-time AriSEIA member and Vice President of Marketing and Government Affairs for Kyocera Solar, Inc., a leading solar panel manufacturer headquartered in Scottsdale, AZ, “A long term program will attract jobs and investment to the state.” added Dyer.

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