Solar Electric System Installed by Eco Products will Reduce Harmful Pollution in Boulder for 30-40 Years

Eco-Products Roof-top 30kW Solar Installation located at the company's National Headquarters in Boulder, Colorado.


Eco Products Installation

Boulder, CO - April 16, 2007 - Eco Products has announced the installation of a 30-kilowatt Kyocera solar array on the roof of its national headquarters at 36th and Walnut in Boulder.  Eco- Product’s new solar system will produce clean, emission-free solar electricity, thereby offsetting 15 tons of soot and smog pollution each year for the 30-40 year life of the system.  Thanks to state and federal incentives, Eco-Products qualifies for cash rebates from Xcel Energy as well as 30% federal income tax credits, virtually paying for their system in the first five years while fixing electricity costs.  “Eco-Products is proud to set a positive example for our community by taking action to preserve our environment and public health.  Its great to be able to do the right thing while making a financially-sound business decision at the same time,” says Eco-Products owner Steve Savage.

Clean solar electricity provides tremendous benefits for our community and environment when compared to fossil fuel electricity production.  Coal and natural gas-fired power plants, which account for over 80% of Colorado’s electricity, emit harmful sulfur dioxide, mercury and nitrogen oxides into the air, contributing to a variety of health problems such as asthma, bronchitis, and lung cancer.  Soot and smog pollution has left the Boulder-Denver metropolitan area on the verge of violating federal air quality standards, causing 3,600 documented asthma attacks and 21,000 missed days of work.  (Environment Colorado Research and Policy Center. Energy for Colorado’s Economy:  Creating Jobs and Economic Growth with Renewable Energy, February 2007). 

Other Boulder businesses are catching on to the environmental and economic advantages of solar electricity.  “Environmentally conscious businesses and organizations are lining up at our door,” reports Blake Jones, president of Namaste Solar Electric.  “This spring, we will also be installing solar electric systems for McStain Homes, the Boulder Community Hospital, and the Denver Museum of Nature and Science, to name a few.” 

Over 750 solar electric systems have been installed in Colorado since Xcel Energy began offering cash rebates as part of their Solar*Rewards Program.  Utility rebates and federal income tax credits can reduce the capital costs of solar electric systems by as much as 50-60%.  Xcel’s rebate program resulted from Colorado voters supporting Amendment 37 in 2004, a law that made Colorado one of 20 states to implement a Renewable Portfolio Standard (RPS) mandating specific goals of electricity production from renewable sources.  Governor Bill Ritter and numerous state legislators are currently pushing for the passage of a new bill this Spring that would double the goals set by Amendment 37, thereby further increasing Colorado’s support for solar and renewable energy.

Eco-Products, recently named one of the 10 fastest growing businesses in Boulder County, is a one-stop shop for natural building supplies, top-of the line biodegradable cleaners, office and janitorial products, food-service supplies, and alternative packaging materials.  Our 1300 page catalog has everything a business needs to provide valuable service to their customers and employees while helping to make the earth a safer, cleaner place.   

Namaste Solar Electric is a Boulder-based, employee-owned solar electric company dedicated to the betterment of the planet by bringing clean, reliable and affordable renewable energy technologies to the homes and businesses in our community.  With our values-based business model and reputation for philanthropy, Namaste Solar is a likely partner for local businesses who want to make a positive impact on the community by purchasing a solar electric system.  Namaste Solar is committed to maintaining the highest standards of environmental stewardship, customer satisfaction, employee morale, community involvement and professional integrity. To find out if solar PV is right for your home or business, visit