Children’s Museum San Diego
San Diego, California

“Kyocera’s photovoltaic system is one of the cornerstones of our environmentally sustainable facility, allowing The New Children’s Museum to live up to its promise as a green Museum for children and families.” Rachel Teagle, Executive Director of Children’s Museum San Diego

Unique Feature: In addition to solar, other sustainable design elements include recycled building materials, water- saving devices, natural day lighting, and convection cooling.
Unique Fact: One of the first Green Museums in California.

Date Completed: November 2007
Designer/Installer/Contractor: Independent Energy Solutions, Inc.

System Specifications

  • System Size: 96.4 kW
  • Estimated Yearly Power Production: 136,000 kWh
  • System Configuration
    • Utility Interaction: Grid Connected
    • Solar Modules: 576 Kyocera KC200GT
    • Inverters: SatCON AE-100-60-PV-A
  • Mount Structure: UniRac SunFrame

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