Dependable solar power solutions

Whether residential, commercial, grid-tie or off-grid, Kyocera Solar PV panels are ideal for a wide range of projects. Our up to 1,000-volt KU modules can incorporate more modules per string, which reduces the cost of materials and labor by up to 20%. From our comprehensive family of modules and best-in-class choice of suppliers, we exceed the expectations of our customers.

Product updates

As solar technology continues to evolve, Kyocera Solar will lead the industry with research and innovations that expand the benefits of solar energy worldwide. Learn more about our latest developments by selecting a category below.

Balance of systems

Kyocera Solar is proud to distribute best-in-class solar mounting components, micro and string inverters, DC optimizers and controllers, and monitoring and storage solutions for use with our solar modules. We can assist in delivering complete, dependable solar power solutions. Select a vendor below for more information.

Module information

The menus below will quickly guide you to review specs on many of our Kyocera products, including performance tests. If you don't see the information you're looking for, please contact us.