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MyGen™ systems are designed for use on residential or lite commercial buildings and are ideal for either new construction or retrofit applications. These easy-to-install systems feature solar modules integrated into arrays that can be sized to meet a wide range of power requirements for maximum flexibility, and are compatible with a wide variety of roof types and materials. Best of all, all MyGen systems include every component necessary for a complete installation, making this the easy choice when deciding how to generate you own electricity.

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    Learn about MyGen Systems in detail. Includes "the 5 Easy Steps to a Complete Solar System" worksheet.

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    Discover the features and benefits of MyGen Systems, and review the specifications for the KD 200-54 P module.

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The Easy Choice Gets Even Easier

imageMyGenFlex is the latest addition to the already popular MyGen line and features our premier KD240 modules and the new M215 microinverter from Enphase. As with our traditional MyGen kits, ordering is as easy as 1, 2, 3 and MyGenFlex comes with everything you need to generate own electricity. But most importantly, this is the only pre-engineered kit so flexible & scalable that you can add to your solar system when your budget allows, without having to replace a wall mounted inverter

5 Easy Steps to Complete Solar System.

Generating your own electricity is a great way to reduce your energy bills, and goes a long way towards saving the earth’s environment. Investing in a MyGen system is the easiest and most cost-effective way to do so. However, before you talk with a qualified MyGen dealer, follow these 5 easy steps to identify the MyGen system that is just right for you.

MyGen Step 1Determine Sunlight Zone

As you can imagine, the amount of sunlight received over the course of a year varies from place to place. Using this map, determine the zone in which your installation will be located.

Sun Light Map 

MyGen Step 2

Average Daily UsageIdentify Average Daily Energy Consumption

To identify your average annual kilowatt hours/day (kWh/day) consumption, review your last 12 monthly electric bills. Most likely, your bill will show monthly kWh usage. Simply add the monthly kWh usage for all 12 bills and divide the total by 365. Remember, it's important to look at your energy usage for an entire year. Depending on your sunlight zone and the season, your electricity usage will vary greatly from month to month.

MyGen Step 3Determine Available Space

Available space refers to that portion of your roof or land upon which a MyGen system can be installed. To determine the approximate available space, either make rough measurements of the length and width of your roof, or ground space; or access online tools such as Google Earth, that show an aerial view of the property and provide tools to help determine square footage. Remember, systems installed facing south perform better! The amount of available space will dictate the maximum size of the system to install. (Your MyGen installer will determine exact available space upon the site visit)

Space Diagram


MyGen Step 4

Identify Ideal MyGen System

On the chart below, find your zone (identified in Step 1) and select the average daily consumption (determined in Step 2) that most closely matches yours. The corresponding MyGen system is the system best suited to meet your needs. Next, compare your available space (determined in Step 3) against the space required for the selected system. If your available space is greater, then the system will most likely fit. If not, choose the largest system that will. If you wish to offset a larger percentage of your electric bill, choose a larger system that will still fit within your available space.

MyGen Chart


MyGen Step 5

Work With A MyGen Dealer

Now that you have an idea of which system may work best for you, discuss the MyGen system with a dealer. A MyGen dealer is fully qualified to help you through the selection process as well as make sure you stay within your budget. To have a certified MyGen installer contact you, call 1-800-223-9580, or send an email with your name and contact information to