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What to ask

When you speak to a dealer or installer for the first time, use this list to ensure you cover the most important questions. Solar is a major investment, and it's important that you select the right dealer/installer to advise you throughout the process.

  1. How many years have you been operating in my city or region?
  2. Are you licensed, bonded and insured in my state?
  3. Can I speak to at least three of your most recent solar customers?
  4. Do you provide firm quotes, or only estimates?
  5. Should I repair or replace my roof prior to installation?
  6. Do you use in-house installers, or do you outsource this work?
  7. What financing options do you recommend for me?
  8. Can you assist me with federal and state tax incentives?
  9. Do you guarantee and warranty your work?
  10. What Kyocera Solar panels do you recommend for my home, and why?

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