Solar at Work

Every day, Kyocera solar panels are lowering operating costs and increasing energy independence for businesses of all types. Here are some of our latest case studies.

Baja, California: El Cielo Winery
El Cielo, which means "the sky", was designed with sustainability in mind. So, using solar to power their winery and restaurant was a natural extension of their eco business and marketing plan. 220 highly reliable Kyocera solar modules are located on the winery roof, and on a carport system that allows the modules to provide shade to arriving visitors. In total, the 53.89W system produces approx. 91,000 kWh per year, which saves the winery an average of $1,000 or more each month. Get the full story.

Vernon, NJ: Smokey's Brick Oven Tavern
Smokey's owner Bruce Zaretsky is proud to call his establishment the "Greenest Eatery in North America". Along with making deliveries in an electric vehicle and having an EV charging station in his parking lot, every aspect of his operation is powered by a 245kW Kyocera solar module array, including the smokers used to cook his gourmet ribs. His Kyocera system often generates more power than the restaurant needs, allowing Bruce to sell the surplus back to the utility. In just its first year of operation, the system offset the equivalent of 8,300 barrels of oil and nearly 158,000 lbs. of carbon. An expansion is now underway.

Spotlight: Federal tax credit extended

In December 2015, the U.S. Congress extended the federal solar investment tax credit (ITC). Originally due to expire at the end of 2016, Congress decided to make the ITC a long term part of the country's energy independence policy, with the 30% federal tax credit for homeowners and businesses now set to continue through 2019 and ramp down thereafter.

While residential customers can directly apply the credit to their tax returns, commercial installations require the credit to be used by the installer or financier, with the savings passed on to the business customer through various means. Learn more here.

Stay confident with a proven warranty

Kyocera has installed thousands of systems worldwide since 1978. One aspect that connects all of them is a comprehensive warranty that provides total protection against a manufacturing defect or failure. If a claim is filed, our team will deliver a fast, efficient solution that will return your system to full power with a minimum of downtime or inconvenience.

Just as solar is a long term investment, so is the warranty that protects it. Kyocera strives to offer the best coverage in the industry. Together with our 40-year history in the solar field, our position as one of the largest and most experienced solar manufacturers, and deep investment in the future of the industry, you can rely on Kyocera to stand beside your business for years to come.

Learn more

There are many online resources to help you explore the benefits and opportunities of commercial solar. Below are a few to help you get started. For information specific to your own energy usage and goals, contact us to speak to one of our commercial solar advisors.