Determine your usage

Most businesses can get an accurate estimate of their annual electricity usage by referring to the last 12 months of electric bills. Simply add up your kWh usage from these bills and divide by 12 to calculate an average monthly use, then have the numbers ready to share with a Kyocera expert. The results will be essential to creating a system that meets your long term savings and usage goals.

Choose your financing

While the increasing popularity of commercial solar has created a rapidly growing market for financing, most fall under three types: purchasing, leasing and power purchase agreements. To help you get started, an outline of each is below. To determine the right approach for you, contact us to speak to one of our commercial solar advisors.


  • Pay for the installation up front, or obtain financing via a bank loan
  • Allows you to take advantage of all federal and state tax credits/incentives that apply
  • You may have sole responsibility for system maintenance (check your contractor/provider agreement)
  • Some states offer subsidized solar energy loans, and interest on secured loans may be tax deductible


  • Typically comes with low upfront costs, considered off balance sheet
  • Allows you to lock in a low, consistent monthly payment
  • Does not allow you to take advantage of any federal or state tax credits/incentives
  • May provide you with a path to full system ownership after a specific time period

Power Purchase Agreement (PPA)

  • Financing agreement between a developer and business customer
  • Developer arranges for the design, installation and maintenance of a solar energy system
  • Business customer pays an agreed rate per kWh to the developer, often with no upfront or other costs
  • Developer can pass on solar tax credit savings in the form of a lower PPA rate

Get ready to save

As part of a first consultation, we will complete a site inspection of your business location. Together with a review of your energy use and long term goals, an inspection is essential to identify the right Kyocera products and installation plan for your site. To help you prepare, here is a brief checklist:

  1. Identify the location and rating (voltage and current) of your main electric service point
  2. Determine the location and rating (voltage and current) of your sub panel
  3. Find the best available areas and surfaces for PV module installation
  4. Measure all necessary obstruction heights, such as adjacent buildings and trees
  5. Calculate annual usage per meter, and if there is a limit on how much PV can be installed per site or meter
  6. Ensure that any other site limitations are identified and incorporated in the site plan
  7. Take clear and detailed photos of the following:
    • Area being considered for the solar array
    • Obstructions that may cause shade to affect the array
    • Roof and/or structural framing members (if relevant for the installation)
    • Main service, labels and breakers
    • Sub panel, labels and breakers (if interconnecting at a sub panel)